Do you really know how much your current provider or bank are making from your currency transactions?

The Best Deals in Foreign Exchange

As industry professionals, we have realised that over the years that businesses do not have the transparency that they should have when it comes to buying currency. Margin Expert have agreed the most preferential currency margins that will be applied to the mid-market rate for when you do buy currency.

After quoting with Margin Expert, you will have all of the products, services and solutions with your new chosen provider, but in addition, you will have a low and transparent currency margin, so you know your real cost for when you transact currency. It is only until now that providers and banks have been able to dictate what they take as a margin on the market rate but now, with Margin Expert, you get improved pricing in minutes.

Many businesses that Margin Expert are quoting are exposed to inflated margins, anywhere between 3% and 10% – in some cases more that what a profit margin is of an SME or Corporate business. We liken the an individual or business having a mortgage or loan that at the end of the month, the bank or lender simply dictates what rate they take as interest – it just would not happen.

On average, we’re cutting businesses associated FX costs by up to 75% and most of the businesses we are quoting are now seeing these noticeable savings become part of the company’s balance sheets as currency is now becoming cheaper and more consistent with us. Get started here.