FiX Your FX

Margin Expert’s FiX service creates a more cost-effective, transparent, and predictable FX framework for your business. We fix the unknown value gaps in your FX that are affecting your margins, while seamlessly integrating with existing banking relationships and current accounting standards.

First FiX

Typically, our FiX service uncovers value that our customers didn’t know existed. With a few simple inputs from you, Margin Expert can offer you a First FiX for your consideration – a high level proposal from our recommended, authorised and regulated FX provider, tailored to your businesses’ FX requirements.

Closing the Gaps

Areas where we look to close gaps include – savings on the FX spread between frequently traded currency pairs, releasing tied up capital on forward deposits while providing more favourable credit terms, often with 0% deposits and no margin calls.

Margin Expert aims to eliminate payment fees and deliver same-day value by making most payments domestic, in-country remittances.

We also offer a fully automated file upload solution linked to your accounting software – this can include payroll.

First FiX Proposal

To receive our high-level, First FiX proposal for your consideration, all we need to show you this no-obligation forward view of your FX saving is the answer to a few questions about your current FX framework.

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