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How long will it take to make an international transfer?
Typically the process is straight forward. We have already pre-agreed rates of margin and fees from the time you submit volumes of payments and currency.

The next step is referring you to the chosen provider and then the turnaround time is typically 24-48 hours for businesses, dependant on the accreditation process. We typically find that the turnaround time from submitting your detail with us to transacting with the business would be within the stated time above.

In some cases of an urgent nature, the pre-vetted provider we work with are able to open and transact same day.
What is a 'fixed price agreement'?
A Fixed Price Agreement is a contract that provides a price which is not subject to any adjustment on your pricing, meaning you will have fixed pricing across all of your Foreign Exchange requirements. The typical provider will have inconsistent margins, dependent on market conditions and the currencies you are working with.

By working with the expertise of marginexpert.com:
  • You will have fixed FX margins (what the provider makes) for the life of the contract;
  • You will have fixed fees (payment charges) for the contract term;
  • The given fixed fees and margin above will be in relation to the proposed volume.
Upon understanding volumes and flows, these contracts are pre-negotiated by our team. We have carefully selected what we think are the best providers in the UK.

You will have full visibility on your charges by your chosen provider at extremely competitive Fixed Foreign Exchange Margins from the inter-bank price.

By working with an FPA, your margin will be consistent upon execution into the market, whether it be by spot or entering a forward contract. These margins will be fixed throughout the term of you agreement, with a view to extending the agreement.

These agreements are set directly between a provider and the business that has proposed the payment and flow volumes, but completely eliminates the burden of price comparison and will provide full visibility and protect from unfair non-fixed that is typically provided from other suppliers outside of your contract.
How long with it take to get my agreement in place?
Quoting with marginexpert.com takes only minutes. The next step is selecting your FCA regulated and Authorised provider.

Typically, the turnaround time from quoting to having your account in place is 24-48 hours for businesses, dependant on the accreditation process.

In some cases of an urgent nature, the pre-vetted provider we work with are able to open and transact same day.
Am I bound to my agreement?
When using this service, you will stipulate certain volumes of currency and payments that you will be processing. In order for your agreement to remain valid and not be voided, you will have to reach the presented volumes.

As industry experts, we understand that flows can be seasonal so it is important to let your provider know if this is the case so they can manage your account to the best of their ability. Whether you make 2 payments that equate to $5m a year or 500 payments a year that equate to $200k, it is important for them to understand this so they understand how you work.

Your supplier will call you to learn more about your business so don’t worry too much!
How much does this service cost?
Marginexpert.com is a free comparison service. We have elected only a select few of the top FCA Regulated and Authorised providers in the UK who are committed to our business model – we simply compare the services of these for you we don’t make money at your expense.

We are a leading provider comparison service which lists our Partners capabilities, products and services, and importantly the low fixed margin in which gives you or your business the price transparency needed. With this, we then get a small fee from these providers for offering this service when you begin working with your chosen provider.

It’s in our best interest to save you and your business money and offer you a low fixed margin in which most businesses are looking for, meaning you don’t need to go elsewhere. This is a system that gives fair pricing and the transparency that is long overdue and allows you to form a relationship without the worry of inflated and unreasonable margins.
How does marginexpert.com get the best prices?

Marginexpert.com are the first comparison site in the world that offers a comparison service for businesses and consumers with a ‘fully transparent’ and ‘fixed’ FX Margin.

We as a business have reached out to some of the top leading providers in the UK and our business model is one that we have only elected a handful of the top providers that are committed to the transparent pricing.

Just like your traditional insurance comparison sites, we work on sheer volume of referrals and it is with this that we are able to offer you or your business a Low Fixed FX margin and fee for a period of 12-24 months.

Our business model is simple and one that works. All of our providers offer the same margin for a period of 12-24 months and it is with this that you can then select your new provider based on their services, capabilities and products – working with a provider that is more suited to you or your business.

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