Beyond FX

EarthportFX lets businesses manage their international payments more efficiently

  • The largest local payment capability

  • Extensive currency capability

  • Expert advice on-demand

  • Complete certainty on fees and settlement timing


What else do earthportfx have to offer ?

Spot Contracts - Whether you’re buying or selling currency to meet your short-term payment obligations, our spot contracts allow you to lock-in the current rate for settlement within two working days.

Market Orders - Provide us with your desired rate and we’ll automatically trade when that rate is achieved, allowing you to take advantage of potentially favourable movements in the market outside usual trading hours.

Forward Contracts - Lock-in your desired rate today for settlement on a pre-determined future date, enabling you to proactively manage currency exposure and hedge against risk.

Receivable - If you need to receive overseas payments in different currencies our collections service provides a multi-currency collection capability and allows you to convert into the local currency to optimise returns.